NH, Photo by Julie Denby

Interview with Instagram Influencer Julie Denby

1. Hi Julie! We are so glad to have you. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Julie Denby, I run a lifestyle account @julesdenby. I love coffee, carbs and exploring. I’m a stay at home mom to my son Gabe, so I balance work with being a mom too.

2. Your pictures are very beautiful and inspiring. No wonder you have so many followers on Instagram. How did your passion for photography start?

I started studying photography in high school! My teacher was so inspiring and I just ran with it. I studied journalism in college and ended up pursuing a career in fashion for many years! I started my account as a fashion one. Then ultimately turned it into a lifestyle account to incorporate more types of photography!

NH, Photo by Julie Denby

3. What equipment do you use? What camera, or filters/ if you only use your iPhone?

I use my iPhone! I see the appeal of working with a camera and I have done so in the past. But being a mom and having other things to carry, the iPhone was way easier and I felt I wasn’t sacrificing style. To edit I use vsco, Snapseed and Facetune!

4. You capture landscape, lifestyle and also local businesses. Thanks in part to professionals like you, local businesses managed to stay open in the past year. Where do you see tourism going in 2021?

I guess it depends on the individual and their level of comfortability with traveling during Covid. It’s been fun exploring and finding hidden gems in my area! We’ve been road tripping and sticking to the East Coast area for now. Hopefully soon we will get on a plane and visit family in London!

5. What are your top favorite places in beautiful New England?

New Hampshire is my number one. Followed closely by Maine, Connecticut, then Vermont.

6. As a photographer, I’m sure you feel attached to all your photos. Each and every one of them must have a special place in your heart. But you must have a favorite. Which one is it, and what makes this your favorite one?

My favorite photo changes with the seasons and the themes my feed goes through! I’m currently channeling spring so I’m loving all my flower photos!

Omni Mount Washington Resort & Hotel, NH

7. What would you recommend a tourist to visit on a week vacation in New England?

Definitely visit Mount Washington and the surrounding areas and stay at Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods.

The cute little town of Littleton is also adorable and  there are so many cute shops to support.

Also, head to Franconia for a hike, to visit a flower farm, jump in the river and pick up some local maple syrup to take home!