Providence, RI, via Instagram by @Adrian.Globe.Trekker

Experiencing a Winter Romance in Rhode Island

Wouldn’t it be great to have a nice romantic Christmas with just you and your husband or wife alone? No one else will be with the two of you and you’ll have many opportunities to bring the intensity of that spark back into your relationship or intensify the spark that is still burning strong between the both of you. Have you both been wanting to experience something brand new for yourselves during the cold winter seasons? Look no further, because this is the perfect list of ideas to share with you to add just the right amount of spice made of love for you to enjoy a romantic Christmas together in Rhode Island. It’s never too late to try new things and experience new places together for an intimate getaway.

Providence, RI, via Instagram by @Adrian.Globe.Trekker

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state out of all of them, you’d be surprised at how much that tiny state has to offer, especially during the Christmas holidays. You can do this at the very beginning of your trip, you can save it as the best for last, or you can make this an every night event, but you must add wine tasting to your romantic itinerary while visiting RI. However, if drinking wine is not your cup of tea, you can at least spend an evening together exploring the quaint vineyards and farms that Rhode Island has to offer that would make for some beautiful couples photos that could be taken there.

A little change of scenery for backgrounds never makes a dull memory. Whether or not you partake in the consumption of alcoholic beverages such as wine, at least grab you both a glass, clink them to a cheerful toast together, and bask in the moment of being alone together enjoying a brand new experience!

After you bask in your wine tasting adventures, join in on one of Rhode Island’s Christmas traditions of strolling through the downtown streets and admiring all of the beautiful bright Christmas lights that hang all throughout their streets. Socialize with some of the locals, stop in one of their many shops that come to life after dark, and take in the gorgeous outdoor ambiance. It’s another one of the many places that will provide awe-inspiring backgrounds for more couples’ photos together.

If you’d rather not stroll through the open downtown streets and much rather prefer a more quiet and intimate setting to see Christmas lights, then visiting the Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum would be the next best thing to add to your itinerary list. As you’re taking a stroll through Blithewold’s spectacular display of lights, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa or a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee. An intimate walk alongside the one you love most with a hot beverage surrounded by beautiful handmade ornaments made of bamboo sounds like a very romantic evening.

Speaking of hot cocoa, The Hot Chocolate Bar at The Chanler offers some delicious varieties to choose from ranging from milk chocolate to dark chocolate with so many tasty ingredients and treats that can be included within and on top of your hot drink for you to enjoy as you sit outside and take in the ever so stunning views that Rhode Island has to offer. Afterwards, you can take a peaceful walk alongside the 3.5-mile long ocean view of The Newport Cliffwalk. Don’t be frightened by the name because all of the dangerous and scary high points of the Cliffwalk are gated and kept shut out for the public’s safety. I would absolutely suggest bringing your camera to this part of the trip so you can have some breathtaking views in the background. Imagine walking along the shoreline as the sun is rising or setting and using those gorgeous moments to take pictures at. This way, both you and your significant other will have some stunning photos to frame around your home showing that the two of you really do enjoy long walks on the beach.

Following your evening sunset stroll should be a delicious dinner at America’s oldest tavern; The White Horse Tavern. It first opened in 1963 and to this day the tavern still has all of its original decorations of oil lamps hanging on the walls, candles lit all throughout, and wood logs burning in the fireplace to give off warmth and to help set the romantic ambiance within the entire restaurant. Even though the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re back in the romantic aspects of the Colonial Era, the food has definitely kept up with the modern times to ensure absolute joy coming from its customers. This quaint dinner for two will definitely have you forgetting all of your stresses and worries from back home.

To top off another great evening, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Rhode Island’s traditional Big Blue Bug. It’s a giant cockroach that looms over Highway 95 that is decorated with blue lights around his body, red lights around its legs, reindeer antlers on its head, and is finished with a big red nose similar to his reindeer friend, Rudolph. This may seem uncommon for most places to have a giant cockroach decorated from head to toe in Santa-like gear, but it’s a Rhode Island tradition that is well worth driving by. Also, you should attend one of the many events that the Waterfire Festival hosts. It’s a gorgeous event that will light up all of your senses and have you feeling all of your heartstring emotions as you and your special person enjoy a romantic ambiance of seeing floating bonfires glide across the water with music playing in the background.