BICOASTAL DIGEST is a bi-coastal travel & lifestyle platform, celebrating the beauty of our two coasts, one season at a time. We tell stories that inform, inspire, and engage our audience through a quarterly digital magazine and daily online publication, with a focus on the local small businesses within the travel and leisure industry. Our mission is to create an intimate connection between our readers and the local and regional businesses that serve them and help our communities thrive.

We are a small and sophisticated, independent publication with big, bold dreams. We write about travel & leisure, home & design, architecture and real estate, among others. We are a bicoastal publication, therefore we cover both coasts, with a focus on the marvelous California & North Eastern charming small towns in the picturesque New England with its distinctive 4 seasons. 

Because we love seasons so much, each issue of our quarterly digital magazine explores the current season through the lens of local photographers, avid travelers and content creators, while shedding some light on our beloved local businesses. Small businesses are vital in a community’s economy, and they need more help during these times than ever before. We aim to support local businesses within travel and leisure industries by bringing them in front of our audience through our digital channels. 

Are you missing the snow and the gloomy days in the summer, and the sunny, warm days in the winter? Keep asking yourself where it’s better, comparing West Coast VS East Coast? You’re not alone. So are we. That’s why we’ve created a seasonal platform, with content from both coasts. Every season has it’s charm. Both coasts have their own charm. Our motto, Beautiful places, (and spaces) on both coasts, highlights just that. 

From beautiful towns, to charming inns and boutique hotels, magnificent architecture and fabulous real estate, we’ve got you covered.