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5 Best Ski Resorts To Try In Vermont

Deciding where to take the family this winter to go skiing can be difficult. Especially when you know nothing about any of the ski resorts, how safe they are, if it’s suited for adults and children, or if it’s even worth doing. Vermont has an abundant amount of skiing mountains that are family-friendly and well worth checking out. There are actually about 19 or more mountain resorts in total that Vermont has to offer for skiers, and here are our favorite five. 

Stowe Mountain Resort

First up is the Stowe Mountain Resort that’s known for having Vermont’s tallest peak, Mt. Mansfield, and is said to be one of the earliest ski resorts dating back to 1937. Skiing on Stowe Mountain is safe for children and beginners offering gentle slopes that are meant for skiers who are still learning all of the ins and outs of the winter sport. The alpine mountain offers a total of 116 different types of trails for its visitors. Out of that total, only 19 are meant for the beginner levels, 68 are for the slightly more advanced intermediate levels, and 29 are meant for the more advanced level of skiers. There are several types of lifts to get you to the top of the mountain so you and your family can enjoy the downhill slopes that Stowe Mountain has to offer.

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Killington is by far one of the most famous ski resorts, (not only in Vermont, but in the country), which appeals in particular to a younger crowd of skiers and snowboarders. It’s known for being one of the most skiable terrains in Vermont. This alpine mountain has a total of 155 different skiing trails to offer with only 28 being for the beginner levels, 66 being for the intermediate levels, and 61 of them being for the more advanced skiers.

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Jay Peak

This mountain is literally only five miles south of the Canadian border and receives the most natural snowfall of any of the other Eastern mountains within Vermont. Jay Peak is well known for its French-Canadian customer life as a good amount of its skiers come from Montreal and Quebec. Brush up on your French before coming here because English is the only language spoken here. This alpine mountain offers a total of 81 different trails for its skiers with only 15 being for the beginner levels, 31 being for the more intermediate levels, and 33 being reserved for the more advanced levels. The number of lifts available is very limited here so be sure to travel lightly when choosing Jay Peak as your ski mountain.

Mount Snow

Mount Snow is another great choice Vermont has to offer to those who love winter sports. One of the best features about Mount Snow is that there are separate areas of the mountain for different levels of skiers, this way everyone isn’t intermixing with the various levels of other skiers who may be more advanced and aren’t causing any accidents. This alpine mountain has 86 different trails total for skiers with only 19 being for the beginner levels, 42 being for the intermediate levels, and 15 being reserved for the expertly advanced levels. There’s a decent amount of lifts if you and your family are comfortable skiing in your own areas for the various levels that everyone may be at.

Magic Mountain

Lastly, Magic Mountain is a ski area that puts that dreamy look into the eyes of its long-time loyal skiers when you mention its name. Many other skiing resorts have trails that are covered in powdered snow to keep their trails full, however, Magic Mountain has many trails that are filled with all-natural snow making the other resorts envious of it. This alpine mountain has a small total of only 50 different trails for its skiers with only 13 trails being for its beginners, another 13 for its intermediate levels, and 17 being for the more advanced levels. There’s only a small handful of lifts for the mountain, but it’ll give a great experience for you and your family to have fun at.